After the tower

During, Alain, Aida and Ioan dragged themselves onto the beach following the submersion of the Tower of Destiny into Fisherman’s Bay. Feeling exhausted, thy fell asleep, though each took turns at keeping watch.

It was disconcerting to each that from the movement of the stars (as determined by those of religious backgrounds) and signs of nature, that a substantial period of time had passed from when they first entered the Tower of Destiny and the ‘current’ date.

After some debate about whether to make the trek through the forest, including unanswered questions whether the swamp witch’s spell would maintain its potency if the swamp was entered, it was decided that the second option would be better.

The second option included the group following the beach area and then move along the connection of Fisherman’s Bay with the South River. After approximately a day to day and a half travel, the group spied the remains of a small village. Aida tried to stealthily enter the village to investigate, but the weariness from the prior adventure still wore heavily on the lupine as he stumbled and struggled to remain quiet. Ioan, taking the form of a red wolf, was far more successful, in stealth as well as using his improved senses to determine where the inhabitants were.

The charred and broken remains hinted towards a violent end to the village and its inhabitants which was later confirmed as a mass grave with bodies of the weak, elderly or infirm lay buried. This site was found by the acute smell of Ioan who after some digging found the bodies. Aland, using his knowledge of human bodies as an infirmarian, was able to determine that the victims had died from violent trauma caused by weapons that slashed, pierced or crushed.

Duomg noted some sledlike tracks that lead to and from the burial site, coming up with the idea that perhaps a boat, or skiff, had been used to transport people. Following the tracks, the group was led to the shore of the South River.

Further investigation in town showed that ‘valuables’ were not taken but just the village destroyed. A shrine was found, or at least the remnants from the divine ‘feeling’ that the religious felt, but it was clear that the destruction of the shrine was nearly complete, down to the candles and ornaments. It also felt as the area, for the large part had been ‘unblessed’.

Ioan was about to enter to swim across and investigate the other side when Alana’s ears perked upwards. Looking along the river, two water vehicles were coming, each carrying several passengers that could be described as humanoid with greenish skin, slight fangs, and short bodies. A taller creature was behind the two seated creatures, standing and looking ominously, swiveling a larger than normal crossbow. The group quickly broke up to allow individuals
hal’s to hide.


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